**Special Notice**

Regarding Outpatient Therapy – Unfortunately, due to the influx in referrals, and many insurance companies not accepting associate level clinicians to their network, we will not be able to accept referrals for outpatient therapy for clients with private insurance, except for BCBS, at this time.  We are still accepting all clients with Medicaid, including Partners, VAYA, Alliance, and all 5 of the Prepaid Health Plans (United, AmeriHealth Caritas, Healthy Blue, WellCare, and Carolina Complete Health).  We also have some Partners IPRS funds for those without any insurance.  We can accept all private insurance companies for Medication Management. 

We no longer have a waitlist for virtual outpatient therapy in all counties and face-to-face therapy in Gaston County.  A waitlist continues to be in place for face-to-face therapy in Lincoln and Cleveland counties. For counties where a waitlist remains in place, we are actively identifying availability and connecting patients to therapists as soon as possible. At this time, our new clinicians can only accept Medicaid, including Partners Health Management, Vaya, Alliance, Sandhills, all five of the new Prepaid Health Plans managing Medicaid, and NC Health Choice. We expect for new clinicians to be credentialed with Blue Cross Blue Shield very soon. 


We have capacity in our enhanced services (Intensive In-Home, FCT, Day Treatment, and High-Fidelity Wraparound) 

Simple Ways to Submit a Referral

Use Live Interactive Form

Click the button and fill out the referral form, submitting an online appointment request instantly.  This is our preferred method if you are not already set up on the Shared Dashboard.  You can also securely upload any supporting documentation using a link on the form.

Appointment Form


Shared Dashboard via Phreesia

Allows your practice, agency, or school to connect via a dashboard directly with Support Incorporated. There you can submit referrals, attach any important documents, and receive live status updates.  See the video at the bottom of the page for more information.  If you are interested in being added to our shared dashboard, click the link below and someone will contact you to create your hub.

Contact Phreesia

Fax Referral Form

Print and fill out the PDF and Fax to 704-865-3520.

PDF Referral Form


By Phone

Call our office at 704-865-3525 and listen carefully to the options to make a new referral.

Patient Self-Referral

Parents, guardians, or patients can use the self-referral form by clicking the link below and completing the live interactive form.

Patient Self-Referral Form



For an Alliance S.B. 693 Referral, click here.


The Referral Process

Support, Inc. has a well-defined, user-friendly referral and intake process. Once the need for mental health services has been identified, anyone can make an appointment through the methods above.  At that point, we will reach out to the family schedule the initial appointment at one of our offices or via telehealth.  First appointments can last over two hours due to the amount of information that is covered.  At this appointment, patients will see a Licensed Therapist and a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Psychiatrist.  Our team will complete a Clinical Evaluation or Diagnostic Assessment to determine a diagnosis, if applicable, and recommendations for services needed.  We have the ability to provide medication management at the first appointment, if necessary.  If we do not provide a service that is recommended, we can assist with linking to one of our many community partners. Our goal is to complete the total process from intake to initiation of services within five days. Depending on the availability of all parties involved, the intake to initiation of services process could take longer, but it is our goal to initiate services in the shortest possible time frame.

We can provide interpreting services as needed.  If interpreting services are needed, please check the box on the referral form.

Level II Therapeutic Foster Care

When making a referral specifically for Level II Therapeutic Foster Care, please complete our Level II Referral Form and fax to 704-865-3010. Once the form is faxed, please call Emily McGuire to inquire concerning availability.

Support, Inc. welcomes any comments regarding the services that are being provided to the referred consumer. Please feel free to contact Josh Martin, our Executive Director, via phone at (704) 865-3529, ext. 116, or email Josh Martin directly at josh.martin@supportinc.org.




Introducing our new referral process