Make a Referral


Please click here to download our referral form. Fax this form to 704-865-3520 to have our staff contact the family and schedule an intake appointment.

The Referral Process

Support, Inc. has a well-defined, user-friendly referral and intake process. Once the need for mental health services has been established, the consumer, consumer’s parent or legal guardian, or community stakeholder can contact our Intake/Evaluation Department to initiate services. At that point, an intake will be scheduled and a clinician will complete a Clinical Evaluation or Comprehensive Clinical Assessment to determine a mental health diagnosis, if applicable, and recommendations for services needed. At that time, all necessary paperwork will be provided to initiate services and a Person-Centered Plan will be developed with the family. Our goal is to complete the total process from intake to initiation of services within 5 days. Depending on the availability of all parties involved, the intake to initiation of services process could take longer, but it is our goal to initiate services in the shortest possible time frame.

Referring Agencies

To refer a consumer to Support, Inc., please use the referral form mentioned above. The form should be completed by the referring person and faxed to the Intake department at (704) 865-3520. After faxing the application, please follow up with a telephone call to (704) 865-3525 to let Support, Inc. know that an application has been faxed. Staff members will keep the referring person or agency informed as to the status of the referral.

Level II Therapeutic Foster Care

When making a referral specifically for Level II Therapeutic Foster Care, please complete our Level II Referral Form and fax to 704-865-3010. Once the form is faxed, please call Emily McGuire to inquire concerning availability.


Support, Inc. welcomes any comments  regarding the services that are being provided to the referred consumer. Please feel free to contact Josh Martin, our Operations Director, via phone at (704) 865-3529, or email Josh Martin directly at