Support, Inc. was founded in 2001, after several years of planning and preparation, and began its operations in July 2002. Support, Inc.’s corporate office is located at 175 West Franklin Blvd. in Gastonia, NC. We currently contract with several MCOs in North Carolina. Our agency provides a continuum of services for children and adults.

The founding members founded the organization on the basic principle that MH/DD/SA services should be provided in a manner that promotes the respect and dignity of all served consumers.

Support, Inc. has been nationally accredited through CARF since 2008.


“Our Strength is Our Passion for Serving People.”

Philosophy of Clinical Services

Support, Inc.’s clinical model stems from cognitive behavioral practices and ecosystemic principles. Working from a combined developmental and systemic model allows clinicians to incorporate a variety of interventions throughout treatment. Clinical staff use a blend of cognitive behavioral, solution-focused, and reality therapy techniques in order to help individuals achieve more effective control and fulfillment within their lives. Both verbal interventions and corrective experiences are used to help individuals reach their goals.

Support, Inc. views children (ages 3-18) as embedded within numerous systems that play an integral role with social and emotional development. Each child is unique and influenced by the various systems within their lives, particularly family and school. In order to fully understand a child’s functioning and needs, the individual and the various systems within his or her life should be assessed. The development and implementation of appropriate therapeutic interventions from a developmental and systemic model, as well as empowering children from a person centered stance, is at the crux of Support, Inc.’s philosophy.

Support Inc.’s clinical staff work also equally well with adults by employing a variety of cognitive behavioral and person-centered interventions. Empowering individuals and working on strategies to enhance one’s day-to-day functioning and emotional well-being is a central aspect to treatment. By helping individuals become more aware of the interconnectedness among thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, real change can begin. Through actively challenging and replacing negative thoughts, individuals can achieve greater independence and fulfillment within their lives.

Philosophy of Collaboration

Support, Inc. understands that being a fully cooperating partner is essential to developing quality services for consumers and their families. We recognize that effective partnerships require ongoing communication that is nonjudgmental, goal oriented, and consumer focused.

Support, Inc. realizes that, to truly work collaboratively, we must strive to be responsive to consumers and their families, the person-centered teams, and all others involved. Support, Inc. strongly believes that professionalism, commitment, and dedication within the service provision are all cornerstones in working in a collaborative manner.