Our Strength is Our Passion for Serving People.

We take pride in working hard to provide quality services to each consumer. We work toward success through a person-centered planning process that encourages and allows consumers, families, and others involved in the consumers’ lives to identify needs and goals, and the specific strategies for attaining those needs and goals.

If you, or someone you know, are in need of services, you may contact our Intake Department at 704-865-3525. We will be glad to assist with providing information on services, explaining options for services, and scheduling the intake process. If Support, Inc. is unable to meet the needs, our staff are experts at linking consumers to available resources.


 Consumer Handbook ( English )


Support Inc Child Consumer Handbook


Support Inc Adult Consumer Handbook


Consumer Handbook ( Spanish )


Support Inc Child Consumer Handbook ( Spanish )


Support Inc Child Consumer Handbook ( Spanish )


Consumer Resource Guides


Gaston DSS Resource Guide with Housing


Gastonia Community Resources


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